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The publication scheme lists information that is or will be routinely published by the Zetland Transport Partnership.

The Publication Scheme can be accessed by the following link:

Accessing Information Not Included Within the Publication Scheme

This publication scheme lists information that is or will be routinely made available by the Partnership.  However, section 1 of the Act provides the public with a general right to access information held by public authorities.  From 3 April 2006, the Zetland Transport Partnership is designated as a Scottish Public Authority.  Therefore members of the public have the right to access information held by the Partnership or held on behalf of the Partnership subject to certain exceptions and conditions.

Obtaining information under section 1 of the Act (Freedom of Information Request) differs slightly from obtaining information under the publication scheme.

Before submitting a Freedom of Information Request you should check our website to see if the information you require is published here, as we place a large amount of information on our website.

If you wish to submit a Freedom of Information Request, the request must be in writing or in some other permanent recordable form such as an e-mail or audio tape.  However you do not need to cite the Act as any requests for information will be treated in line with the requirements of the Act and will receive a response within 20 working days. 

The request should:

In order to assist your request, we may contact you to clarify the exact nature of the information requested or to discuss the format of the information with you.  We would be happy to assist you if you wish to contact us to discuss any requests.

If you wish to contact us to request information, please contact:

Zetland Transport Partnership
6 North Ness Business Park

Tel:  01595 744551
Fax: 01595 744585

Email: administrative.services@shetland.gov.uk

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