Bus Timetables


New Bus Timetables (from Monday 18th August 2014)

Bus Services within Shetland are provided by Zetland Transport Partnership and operated by a number of different operators. Bus service timetables for all public services in Shetland are changing, with all new services in place from Monday 18th August 2014.

Leaflets are available now across Shetland and printable copies are available through the links below:

For timetables that are easier to read on screen use the following links


If you would like a leaflet or leaflets posted out to you, please contact ZetTrans by email through the feedback link on this page or by telephoning 01595 744868.

If you would like any aspect of the new services explained to you, please call 01595 744868.


Fare Information

Lerwick -

Gulberwick £1.40

Sandwick £2.30

Sumburgh £2.90

Lerwick -

Scalloway £1.80

Hamnavoe £2.00

Toogs £2.30

Lerwick -

Tingwall £1.60

Brae £2.90

Mossbank £3.20

Lerwick -

Hillswick £3.50

North Roe £3.80

Lerwick -

Weisdale £2.30

Aith £2.60

Walls £2.90

Lerwick -

Toft £3.20

Mid Yell junction £3.80

Cullivoe £4.40



Reduced Fares for Regular Commuters:

Regular users can purchase and top up a Discount Card which offers a 20% discount on normal fares on most mainline services. From Monday 18th August 2014, it will be possible to use any colour of discount card on any mainline service, regardless of the Operator delivering the service, without the need for passengers to have their cards updated.


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