Travel by Bus

Buses provide an essential lifeline service to Shetland’s many rural communities. For many this area of public transport provides the necessary access to work, healthcare and leisure activities. In addition to this the bus network provides tourists with greater opportunities to explore the many attractions throughout Shetland’s countryside.


John Leask & Son BusNorth Isles Bus disembarking from the Yell Ferry

The bus service is provided by ZetTrans and operated by a number of different local bus service operators. It is acknowledged that buses must be effective in providing for a number of different needs beyond those of daily commuters. With this in mind ZetTrans is committed to ensuring there is a regular and affordable service that also aims to be better integrated with other transport services such as ferries and air services.


Service Disruptions

In the event of service disruption, updates can be obtained by calling the Bus Service Voicebank on 01595 745744. Updates will also be provided at


Public Holidays

In general bus and air services do not operate on public holidays. Please check with the operator of the service for any further details.

Lerwick Up Helly Aa Day on Tuesday 30th January and Public Holiday on Wednesday 31st January 2018, please click here for timetable changes and public holiday provision.


Carriage of Animals

ZetTrans does not have a policy covering the carriage of animals on public transport vehicles. The decision whether or not to permit animals on board vehicles is at the discretion of the individual service Operators.


Bicyles on Buses

ZetTrans does not have a policy covering the carriage bicyles on public transport vehicles. Due to varying vehicles capacities on each route, please contact the route operator to check before travel.



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