Inter Island Ferry Service

Shetland Islands Council operate a fleet of 12 ferries providing lifeline services between mainland Shetland and the islands. The services run from 15 terminals serving 8 islands with a total population of just under 3,500 people. The ships make over 70,000 crossings each year and carry over 750,000 passengers and over 350,000 vehicles.

Roll on / roll off services, carrying passengers and all types of vehicles, operate every day to the islands of Yell, Unst, Fetlar, Whalsay and Bressay. A Roll on / Roll off service is now in place for Papa Stour. Vehicles can be reserved on all these routes except to Bressay. Freight and limited passenger services operate to Skerries, Fair Isle, and Papa Stour. Frequencies vary from 3 to 12 return sailings per week and some vehicles can be carried. All passengers and vehicles must be booked. In addition to this, BK Marine operate a lifeline service to Foula under contract to the Shetland Islands Council.

For information on timetables and bookings see the following websites:





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