Planning your journey

Online journey planners can offer people a wider range of opportunities for traveling. By entering the details of where you are traveling to and from the search engine can generate a list of transport options with details on public transport services, including timetables, distances, bus stop locations, access to maps and in some cases information on carbon emissions and details for private transport where public transport is unavailable.

This type of service is useful to anyone with a limited knowledge of public transport in his or her area. Currently the two most accurate and up-to-date journey planners for Shetland are:

Local Journey Planning

ZetTrans and Promote Shetland have launched the nb communications designed website, which holds fully integrated and searchable timetable information for bus, ferry and air services within Shetland. Click on the link to begin planning your journey.

Apps for Apple and Android devices are also available from the Apple App Store and Google Play respectively. These Apps are available free of charge.


Working in partnership with the HITRANS, ZetTrans have launched an online car-sharing database. This website allows people in Shetland to register their daily journey details online and search for others who are traveling similar routes and looking to car-share. The service is accessible to anyone and can be used for both regular commuter trips as well as one off journeys. For people wishing to sign up and start car-sharing see the below website:

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