While ZetTrans is making an effort to reduce people's dependence on private cars and to encourage more sustainable modes of travel, it is also the case that many people will still need to use cars to some extent. With this in mind it should be noted that there are a number ways in which people can continue to drive while still cutting down on carbon emissions.

When purchasing a new car there are many things to consider and one of these is fuel efficiency. Aside from helping the environment reducing your fuel consumption can also help ease the burden of rising fuel costs. For advice on fuel efficiency when purchasing a car see the below websites:

In addition to the issue of fuel efficiency there are a number of other ways to practice responsible car use. An initiative of the Scottish Government, the Energy Saving Trust offers practical advice on how to have a safer, greener, stress-free driving experience. See the below website for more information:

Car-sharing is another approach to more efficient car usage. Working in partnership with HITRANS, ZetTrans have launched an online database for people interested in car-sharing. This website allows people in Shetland to register their daily journey details online and search for others who are traveling similar routes and looking to car-share. The service is accessible to anyone and can be used for both regular commuter trips as well as one off journeys. For people wishing to sign up and start car-sharing see the below website:

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