Sustainable Travel

In addition to providing information on services of public transport, ZetTrans is also seeking to promote the benefits of other means of travel. Walking and cycling are two modes of transport that offer particular benefits to the health of both individuals and the environment. These methods of travel are also popular as leisure activities and can be a good way of exploring various places of unique interest that Shetland has to offer. With this in mind ZetTrans is committed to offering useful information to people interested in this area of travel.

Motorcycling is another mode of travel that is a popular leisure activity and has a relatively low level of carbon emissions. As many people will be aware, climate change is becoming an increasingly significant issue on all levels of the political arena. ZetTrans is making an effort to guide people towards information on the intricacies of this issue and the ways people's choice of transport can have an impact. In addition to these issues, the safety aspect of these modes of travel is also of great importance.

ZetTrans is able to assist organisations to develop and implement Travel Plan, in order to assist employees to reduce dependence on private transport. Any organisation interested can contact ZetTrans. Shetland Islands Council's Travel Plan can be accessed by clicking here.

the Scottish Government have produced a practical to help any organisations interested in the development of Travel Plans. Click on the link below to view this document:

A guide on sustainable travel for modern lives is available here. This guide provides information and advice on sustainable transport in Shetland.

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