Climate Change

Over a number of years the issues and implications of climate change have become increasingly dominant in all areas of politics. There is a significant majority of scientific evidence to support the claim that humans are huge contributors to this phenomenon due to our dependence on fossil fuels and the subsequent greenhouse gas emissions that come from their use. Many countries throughout the world are beginning to acknowledge this problem and are taking steps towards finding a solution. The UK is one of these countries and the government has made a commitment to lower carbon emissions by a considerable margin.

Due to its heavy output of greenhouse gases, transport is recognised as one of the key factors in climate change and efforts are being made by the government to introduce and promote more sustainable methods of transport. These measures vary from the encouragement of car-sharing and public transport to the development of transport run on renewable energy and all round improvements in fuel efficiency.

Understanding Your Carbon Footprint

Many people still struggle to take on board the significance of climate change while others are puzzled over what they as individuals can do to make a meaningful difference. See the below websites for further information on the scientific evidence of climate change and the practical methods which people in their day-to-day lives can adopt to help resolve the situation:

There are a number of online co2 calculators, which can help give people an understanding of where they fit into the global issue of climate change. Click on one of the links below for more information:

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