Cycling is another type of travel that is hugely beneficial to both individuals and the environment. While concern is growing over poor levels of physical health many people simply do not have the time required for regular exercise. Similar to walking, cycling gives people the opportunity to engage in a highly effective mode of physical exercise while also offering a practical and efficient way of getting around.

While cycling is not always an appropriate mode of transport for people traveling long distances, particularly in bad weather, it does have a number of benefits. Traveling around town by bike is often quicker than by car as it less affected by busy traffic and parking issues. For people making frequent trips throughout town during the day, whether it’s to attend meetings for work or to run errands, cycling is a cheaper option than running a car. As there are a number of notable benefits for individuals and the environment ZetTrans is keen to work towards helping those interested in cycling as a mode of travel. Research is being carried out into the opportunities for improving cycle safety throughout Shetland and the provision of bike sheds, workplace shower facilities and other measures that may assist people wishing to cycle to work.

Bike Maintenance Courses

ZetTrans is providing a grant of £5000 to the Shetland Community Bike Project for the funding of a series of Bike Maintenance Courses, over the course of the year to 31 Match 2013.  Participants will be able to work on their own bikes while being given guidance on a number of areas of bike maintenance, such as brake function and punctures.  Attendance is free of charge while the cost of any spare parts will be covered by the participants.

Contact Shetland Community Bike Project on 01595 690077 or for further details.


For people interested in taking up cycling Sustrans offer useful information on health benefits, safety measures, types of bikes and other related subjects. See the below websites:

The below link is to a guide produced by SEStran, which offers cycle infrastructure design guidance to help Local Authorities, developers and other stakeholders involved in providing new cycling infrastructure; whether specifically for cycling or for taking cycling into account for all forms of transportation infrastructure:

Information on where to rent or purchase bikes and cycling equipment can be found in the local telephone directory and on the below website:

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