Bressay Tunnel

In June 2008 Council approved the STAG study recommendations for the transport link between Bressay and Mainland Shetland. It was agreed that the tunnel option be developed further and that initial studies be undertaken to better define the necessary action plan to deliver such a link.

It is anticipated that sufficient work will have been completed by March 2009 in order for Council to then decide whether to proceed with detailed design and implementation.

Since the Council decision, a risk management based approach has been used to take this project forward. This helps ensure that all factors which could increase costs are understood at an early stage and necessary actions are taken to control these. This will ensure efficient use of Council resources.

A public exhibition of the proposals for the tunnel was held in Bressay on the 28 October 2008 and in Lerwick on the 29 October 2008. The presentation boards displayed at the public meetings on 28/29 October can be found here. The notes from this meeting can be found here.

Early actions are commencing to ensure all the necessary information is gathered to enable Council to make a final decision on construction by March 2009. This includes:

  • a governance framework to deliver the project;
  • a method to ensure the project commences through the consents
  • process;
  • a model to procure the tunnel;
  • a scoping study to undertake the Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • ensuring all stakeholders are involved at appropriate stages;

A detailed project plan and budget figure will be presented to Council on 18 November.