Shetland Transport Strategy 2022-2042 Development

Shetland’s Transport Strategy requires full revision to take account of significant new environmental, societal and economic challenges, and strategic and technological developments.

The Scottish Government published a new transport strategy, NTS2, in February 2021.

Under the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 it is the duty of each Transport Partnership to draw up a strategy for transport within its region.

A report to ZetTrans in October 2020 outlined the process to be adopted to prepare a new Shetland Transport Strategy.

A budget of £150,000 to support the strategy development was approved by ZetTrans in March 2021 and consultants Stantec were appointed to support this work.

A Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report was developed and submitted to the Government Gateway for review on 03 September 2021.

SEA Scoping Report

An Equalities Duties Assessment Framing Note has also been drafted.

EDA Framing Note