Shetland Transport Strategy 2018-2028

The 2008 Shetland Transport Strategy was refreshed during 2017/18 and approved by the Board of ZetTrans in June 2018

Shetland Transport Strategy Refresh 2018-2028

Associated Documents

Shetland Transport Strategy 2008

The Shetland Transport Strategy 2008 was developed after extensive consultation and approved by the Scottish Ministers in July 2008.

The strategy has been used to:

  • accurately represent the vision for Shetland’s Transport;
  • provide an assessment of the existing situation;
  • set out a programme of activities, projects and interventions, making the case for investment and infrastructure;
  • guide and co-ordinate transport-related activities in Shetland; and
  • make the case for specific projects that meet funding criteria from the Scottish Executive through specific grants.

The Shetland Transport Strategy fulfilled the requirements of the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005. It was reviewed from time to time in line with legislation and guidance from the Scottish Government.

Key Performance Indicators

A number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been put in place since 2008, in order to measure progress on delivering the aims and objectives of the strategy. The data from these indicators has been collated into a document which can be viewed here.

Supporting Documents

The following consultation documents supported the Shetland Transport Strategy 2008 and are available for download.

A Strategic Envrionmental Appraisal (SEA) accompanies the Transport Strategy.

Web links to other reference documents are also available.