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Shetland Transport Strategy Refresh 2018-2028

27 June 2018

Following consultation with key stakeholders, ZetTrans approved its new, refreshed Transport Strategy at its meeting on 26th June 2018.

The refreshed strategy contains a revised Vision and set of Strategic Objectives for ZetTrans.


  • To develop travel and transport solutions for Shetland that underpin our Economy, support our Communities and conserve our Environment

Strategic Objectives:

  • To underpin Shetland’s economy by enabling residents to access employment, training and leisure, businesses to access labour markets, customers and suppliers, and non-residents to visit

  • To support Shetland’s communities by enabling individuals, families and localities to thrive socially, physically and economically

  • To conserve and enhance Shetland’s unique natural environment by developing and promoting healthy, sustainable and low-carbon travel choices