Shetland by Bus

Shetland has a comprehensive bus network of frequent mainline services, rural connecting services and bookable dial-a-ride services.

Shetland's Bus Network

Shetland's bus services are specified and financed by ZetTrans and are operated by a number of different bus companies.

Buses provide a lifeline service to Shetland’s many rural communities and essential access to work, healthcare, retail and leisure. The bus network also provides tourists with the opportunity to explore the many attractions that Shetland’s unique environment has to offer.

ZetTrans recognises that public bus services must be effective in providing for a number of different needs beyond those of the daily commute. With this in mind, ZetTrans is committed to ensuring that the public bus service seeks to meet the needs of all its users while remaining affordable and being better integrated with inter-island ferry and plane services.

Timetable Information

Currently, the most accurate and up-to-date public transport journey planners for Shetland are:

  • ZetTrans Travel App - Apps for Apple and Android devices are also available from the Apple App Store and Google Play respectively. These Apps are available free of charge and, once downloaded, do not require a mobile phone signal to operate.
  • Traveline Scotland

Current Timetables

Lerwick, Bressay, Scalloway and Burra - From 01/07/2023

South Mainland - From 01/07/2023

West Mainland - From 01/07/2023

North Mainland - From 01/07/2023

North Isles - From 01/07/2023

Service Disruptions

In the event of service disruption, updates can be obtained by calling the Public Bus Service Voicebank on 01595 745744. Updates will also be provided at

Shetland Islands Council also provide a Voicebank for School Transport, available on 01595 745743.

Public Holidays

In general, bus, ferry and air services operate different service patterns on public holidays. On certain public holidays, there may be no service at all. Please check with the relevant operator, or download the Shetland Transport App, for further details.

Public holidays in Shetland include: 1st and 2nd January, 25th and 26th December and Lerwick Up Helly Aa (The Wednesday following the last Tuesday in January).

Carriage of Animals

ZetTrans does not have a policy covering the carriage of animals on public transport. The decision whether or not to permit animals on board vehicles is at the discretion of the individual service operator.

Bicyles on Buses

Due to the wide variation in vehicle type, ZetTrans does not have a policy covering the carriage of bicycles on public transport vehicles. Please contact the route operator to check before travel.


Lerwick, Scalloway, Burra, Bressay and Tingwall Airport

Lerwick to
Scalloway £1.80
Hamnavoe £2.00
Toogs £2.30

South Mainland

Lerwick to
Gulberwick £1.40
Sandwick £2.30
Sumburgh £2.90

North Mainland

Lerwick to
Hillswick £3.50
North Roe £3.80

West Mainland

Lerwick to
Weisdale £2.30
Aith £2.60
Walls £2.90

North Isles (including the Integrated Service)

Lerwick to
Toft £3.20
Mid Yell Junction £3.80
Cullivoe £4.40